About me

Hi, I’m Nusye. I am SouthSeaEyes.

I’m a self-taught lino cut artist based in Southsea, Hampshire. My printmaking is local; I teach at private workshops and publicly with local audiences through printmaking workshops events across Southsea. I am also a current member of the Portsmouth Printmakers and Makers Guild.

I have been carving lino blocks since 2004, and in earnest since the pandemic lockdowns. I find using lino block as a relief printing method is incredibly versatile. The manner and techniques applied in carving the lino blocks allows the creation of finely-detailed images. The inking of the block itself then allows varying tonal quality through the degrees of pressure applied on the block whilst inking.

Grown in East Anglia, I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and my heritage is from the island of Java, where the deep history of animism and mysticism are profoundly intertwined into the culture and traditional art forms such as printmaking, wood carving, and batik.

I have a BA Hons from University of Portsmouth and an MSc. from University College Dublin Smurfit Graduate Business School. I am also a Chartered Institute of Management Accountant. I was an Industry Business Analyst and Finance Controller before I left the corporate world to pursue my current work within the creative industry.

Shop my range of original lino prints; from the mundane to the cryptic, and a small selection of hand-printed lino cut cards on my Etsy shop.

History of my work

I am particularly interested in researching the history of ancient civilisations, including that of the ancestors of Java and their inner traditions involving animism and mysticism, which they would express through their artwork, dancing movements, and other forms of creation. The people were deeply intertwined with working in harmony with the land.

Some designs produced through the traditional workings were considered to be sacred and restricted from being shown outside the immediate family. I find it fascinating how these techniques have been passed down through generations. This cultural heritage inspires me to continue working with printmaking, particularly lino block carving, and exploring ancient mythologies and reflecting on them in modern times. Consequently, a lot of my work is figurative with elements of storytelling.

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