A Sunday of Printmaking Bliss: Memories from Our Lino Print Workshop

It was a drizzly, but altogether splendid Sunday afternoon on the 26th of March when the air was filled with the buzz of creativity and camaraderie. I had the immense pleasure of hosting a linoprint workshop at the spacious CourtX_Southsea that not only brought together beginners and seasoned artists but also exceeded my expectations in terms of attendance.

Although I prefer to keep my classes small for a more personalised experience, I was thrilled to see so many eager faces ready to dive into the world of printmaking.

The atmosphere was electric, as each participant carefully carved their unique designs onto linoleum blocks. The sound of laughter and excited chatter filled the room, creating a sense of warmth and belonging. As I moved from one attendee to another, offering guidance and encouragement, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride in their progress and accomplishments.

Watching the participants’ faces light up with joy and satisfaction as they pulled their first prints from the press was a moment I’ll always cherish. It was truly heartwarming to see each person leave the workshop with a newfound sense of achievement and a piece of art they could be proud of.

Presently, I am honoured to be leading private printmaking workshops with the Veterans Outreach Support (https://vosuk.org) charity, at the historic Round Tower, in collaboration with the Hotwalls Studios. The veterans’ dedication and resilience inspire me every day, and I feel privileged to share my passion for printmaking with such a remarkable group of individuals.

With the success of our last public workshop still fresh in my mind, I can’t help but wonder if there’s interest for more linoprint workshops in May or June. If you’re eager to join me on this creative journey, please let me know in the contact form here. I’d be more than happy to welcome you into our printmaking family and create more charming and unforgettable memories together.

As ever,

Your printmaking guide,


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