A Personal Journey with the Handcrafted Luna Park Block for Aspex Portsmouth

Small but Mighty Luna Park block

As I stand amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Southsea Common, memories of Luna Park flood my mind. Luna Park, a symbol of hope and conversation, holds a special place in my heart as it has become a relevant and solid link to the creative spirit of Aspex Portsmouth. Today, I want to share with you the personal journey that led me to create a remarkable handmade, hand-carved block, and how it found its purpose in serving the artistic community at Aspex Portsmouth in 2021. This block holds a significant place in my heart, as it exemplifies the profound impact of art in fostering connections.

“I stand for language. I speak for history. I shout for truth.” – words resonating deeply as I think about the Luna Park block and its significance. It is not just a creation in isolation, but a part of a collective voice that seeks to commemorate and honor the 53-foot high Luna Park artwork of 2010, tragically consumed by flames on Southsea Common. The Luna Park block stands as a long-lasting tribute, lovingly crafted by internationally renowned artists Ivan Morison and Heather Peak of Studio Morison. It echoes the spirit of their original creation while embodying the resilience and enduring power of art to transcend the passage of time.

In February 2022, With every stroke of the pfeil carving tool, I poured my heart and dedication into creating the Luna Park block. This small but mighty rubber block, measuring just 11cm x 15cm (approx A6), was designed to entertain and engage visitors and their children at Aspex Portsmouth. Crafted from Japanese rubber stamp block, it offers a unique and interactive experience that invites everyone to be more actively involved in the artistic atmosphere. Morison and Peak have created a testament to the indomitable spirit of Luna Park. The Luna Park block print perhaps stands as a bridge between past and present, carrying forward the legacy of the 2010 artwork and reminding us of the transformative nature of artistic expression.

The deliberate choice to keep the Luna Park block small was intentional. Its compact size allows for easy handling and encourages visitors of all ages to explore their creativity. Whether it’s for adults seeking a moment of artistic expression or children eager to create their own unique impressions, the Luna Park block is designed to inspire and delight.

This unassuming rubber block may be small in stature, but its impact is anything but. It serves as a delightful tool to spark conversation and foster engagement within the artistic community of Aspex Portsmouth. Its portable nature allows it to be easily carried and used, ensuring that it can be enjoyed by visitors as an impermanent stamped souvenir from their gallery experience. The simple act of pressing the block onto paper or books ignites a sense of playfulness and imagination. It becomes a shared experience, a moment of connection that transcends language and age barriers.

In my own mind, perhaps by using this small rubber block, Aspex Portsmouth may then continue to create a space that encourages active participation in the arts. By providing visitors with a tool to leave their mark, the Luna Park block becomes a symbol of inclusivity and empowerment. It reminds us that art is not just about observing but also about engaging, expressing, and leaving a personal touch on the creative process.

The Luna Park block may be small, but its impact reverberates within the walls of Aspex Portsmouth. It embodies the belief that even the simplest of artistic creations can have a lasting effect. As visitors engage with the block, it fosters a sense of curiosity, sparking conversations and inspiring new connections. It invites everyone to explore their own creative potential and celebrate the transformative power of art.

As I reflect on my personal journey with the Luna Park block, I am reminded that art is not merely about individual creation, but about contributing to a greater narrative. It is about standing for something, speaking through our artistic endeavors, and shouting for truth. The Luna Park block encapsulates this sentiment, serving as a beacon of remembrance, resilience, and the timeless power of art to connect us all.

May the Luna Park block continue to inspire future generations, as its presence at Aspex Portsmouth sparks conversations, fosters connections, and encourages us all to create in service of something bigger than ourselves. Let us stand together in celebration of the artistic spirit that transcends boundaries and ignites the human imagination.

So, the next time you visit Aspex Portsmouth, be sure to look out for the small but mighty Luna Park block. Allow it to guide you on a journey of imagination and creativity, where even the tiniest gestures can leave a lasting impression. Discover the joy of artistic engagement and be inspired to embrace the power of creativity in your own life.

Your friendly neighbourhood printmaker,


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  1. wow, not only are you a great carver/printer but an excellent writer too! That was a beautiful read and in a voice within the arts that is so rarely heard these days in the rush to be ‘edgy’ and ‘profound’ – your writing is heartfelt, deep and so very beautiful. Thank you!

    1. Your words sing through all that is me. Thank you so very much. I love and so very uplifted that you spend the time in reading – and leaving comments which make me feel ever so tall! Thank you, Ma’am 🙏

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