A Study of Japanese Anemones

Japanese Anemones have captured my heart for quite some years. Though they seem simple in shapes, their quiet beauty draws my attention over and over again. I have tried growing them in my own garden – and after a few years’ attempts, they eventually grew in a pot in the garden last year. This year, I am not as proud…over the long winter my neglect of the garden, whilst tending to my health, has been impactful on the plants I adopted.

I have been lucky enough to have this lino carving skill that I am able to take several pictures from last year’s flowering, and create a small study of these petalled beauties. As usual, I stylised them on the block after I placed the flowers on the lino.

Once I carved the first, key, block, I knew I wanted to have another colour to highlight the flowers.

Using a fresh ink off the first block, I placed a measured transfer paper (yes the one you can get from WHSmith’s or Artway, or any stationery supplies store), and allow the ink to transfer onto the paper. Quickly I place the inked paper onto another block which I have prepared earlier. This process is quick, simple and transfers the designs the right way, i.e. not the mirrored-way, onto the next block. So of course I did a second transfer, for future play too, creating – at present – a three-block lino. The third is for added colour detail purposes, and whyever not.

Nusye’s Japanese Anemone Study

Enjoy the process.

Your lino carving enthusiast,


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