The gorgeous Hannah:

A booklet of Hannah’s hand-printed portraits.

Published with Hannah’s Mum’s permission

Hannah’s beautiful Mum asked me to create a portrait of Hannah using a printmaking format, where she can have the portrait block for her personal signature artistic use;

So I did. I showcased the block printed on a selection of hand-sewn book made of premium Zerkall paper, A5 sized; as covers I gathered Anna Brown’s MarblingMagpie’s hand-made marbled paper.

Very unique book of portraiture that is Hannah’s very own, as gifted from her Mum, Sarah.

Want to present your loved ones with their own bespoke portraiture books? You can. Contact me here.

A unique hand-made gift by a real person (me, there is only me, yay!), is precisely that: unique, bespoke, one made especially for your nearest and dearest. £99 for the block and the printed booklet on premium paper.

Contact me here for your own bespoke hand-carved portraiture and hand-bound booklet.

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