Process film of the designing/linocarving/printing journey for the Thoughtpress Project with Edible Rotherhithe and Magic Breky

Personally, I am enjoying the making of the A4 block above. Have a peep of my processes 🙂

The Moon features brightly in this block – primarily from the essence of the project itself: feeding school children with original prints made by 100 printmaking artists.
Let me expand;
I’m fascinated by the Moon, all my life Grandma Moon is the only constant in my journey; ever since I was less than 4yo, looking up at the sky, She was there.

Fast forward to the early Twenties lockdowns, where I had the time to listen and read up on ancient history, the Hellenistic Mythologies being core. The Moon, again, featured in the stories of Artemis, She of the crescent moon, the protector of women and young children.

This project being to raise funds for young schoolchildren, then, is only apt to invite Artemis’ sacred hind and stag, together, under the bright full Grandma Moon, the constant, tidal, cyclical, spherical, presence, in all her muted, sombre lunation.

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