Love Potion No.IX

A February offering for the month peppered with that of strong emotions. This A6 original lino print is a tangential exploration of what is termed as Love.

The Love Potion No.IX is presented here as that which is potent and powerful; such that around the stopper, the contents are continually eking to exit, to be unstopped, to be opened. You see, a potent Love Potion is not about Love, it’s more about coercion, control, manipulation and is more closely related to a curse.

Did I mention this is a re-think of what Love Potions are about? It is. It’s not to be messed with, unless the operant knows what consequences it may bring upon the users.

Does this have a purpose in the UK today? Presumably, yes. Perhaps there is much controlling and coercions happening in-country that perhaps this little fancy bottle of potency and danger may have plenty of uses still.

Process video of the Love Potion No.IX lino carve and print

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