Summer Solstice 2022

I suppose today is a good day as any to start writing. Afer all, it is a half-year marker, where the essence of the sun may light the path forward. For now.

The last few years have been quite the challenge, where pandemic has hit globally, and the subsequent lockdowns took place in a goodly amount of countries around the planet. In that time writers tells stories of the great resignations and how creativities have increased throughout the lockdown era. With the humans locked inside their own abodes, the population of non-human seems to have grown …happier. I recall a drone photography along the Solent seas from Southsea esplanade to the Eastney shores, showing how clear the ocean was, how fresh and looking much like it can soothe and nourish. It seemed to me a clear statement to say, “Hey, look how well the earth can feel without the humans around!”. I was enamoured by the view, yet it felt somewhat embarassing that we as a population are not looking after the place whilst we’re visiting.

I digress.

Solstice. Half year. A time to see if things we planted in the past six months has progressed, or not. A review to understand what worked, what needs to be re-hashed. In my segment of the circle, things have grown organically. Powers have been lining up for me to carve them onto lino. The winds have been visiting in gusts for the past few days. Things are continuing to flow through, and it is up to me how I can plan them all onto a list, sketch onto appropriately-sized lino blocks and eventually begin carving them. These powers are ancients, and are calmly waiting for me to bring them through. They are not impatient (well, ish), and they want to play in the now.

Has this happened before? Undoubtedly. My inner eyes are not the only ones seeing them, and my hands are not the only ones bringing them through.

One day I will share more. Maybe. I am still processing what this means and how this can be translated without making me seem non compos mentis. Then again, perhaps I will choose not to translate. Those who know already understand. After all, this is where I am, at this Solstice, 2022.

To the process.

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